What can I eat?!?!

I have allergies to eggs, coconut, and especially peanuts/tree nuts! 
It seems like everything I want to eat like other kids has some or all of those in it!
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Hello I am Garrett. I am 5 years old. I can not eat eggs, coconut, and especially peanuts/tree nuts. They make me very sick. We are trying to get a special dog to help me.
I can not do a lot of things like other kids my age.
I can't go to the park, pool, or even church or school. 
I have been to the hospital three times already this year dealing with breathing issues after touching something I shouldn't have touched.  My dog will make it so I shouldn't have that problem much anymore! Please help me!
   Garrett Hathcock
This is a very happy little boy who wants to live a normal life.
Help me get  my  dog!

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